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Set It and Forget It Is Not Security

by Blog

The term “set it and forget it” is one that was popularized by Ron Popeil when he took to the airwaves to push his at home Rotisserie. You could put your chicken in, set the timer, and go on with your day. Now, for those of use who like a good rotisserie chicken, this was the perfect device. However, the “set it and forget it” mindset began to take hold in many things

that it shouldn’t. Personal investments, business devices such as contact centers, these are things that cannot just be set and forgotten. Another one of these things, cyber-security. Unfortunately, many businesses across the country use the “set it and forget it” model when implementing their cyber security, and don’t realize they made a mistake until it’s to late.

When you think cyber-security, what comes to mind? For most of us over a certain age, our minds harken back to the days of anti-virus software, where you would install your program of choice, and hope it covered the rest. Just like basically everything else in terms of technology, your cyber security needs evolve, sometimes at a rapid rate. Hackers today are more sophisticated than ever, and even sell their services to novice hackers. This means that the threat of an attack is always on the horizon.  This is a huge part of the reasoning against a set it and forget it model to cyber-security. If the hackers are taking steps every day to refine their tactics, and finding new ways to access your network, shouldn’t you have a cyber-security plan that tries to stay ahead of them?

Let’s face it, advertising works. We buy products, ask our doctors for prescriptions, and make choices partly due to the marketing surrounding a product. You may see ads for cyber security programs, new malware, spyware, and anti-virus software telling you that it’s all you need. Don’t fall for it. What you need is expertise. A proper MSSP or Managed Security Services Provider, such as Delval Technology Solutions, will begin with what’s referred to as a risk assessment. This is when a set of trained eyes look at your system for all

the holes that can leave open doors to cyber criminals trying to steal your precious data. This isn’t limited to your pc’s, your cloud systems, software, and basically any other piece of infrastructure that can be accessed by your staff as well as hackers and disgruntled former employees. This can cover everything from your endpoints to unpatched software that you have installed, and your company workstations.

From there, these experts can tell you what they see that the untrained eye most likely would have missed. They will work with you to both upgrade and streamline your systems. Any pieces of software and hardware that no longer serve a purpose will be eliminated, saving you space and money. They will work with you to ensure that all updates and patches are installed, to further help plug up the holes that may be plaguing your network. New, up to date security software, as well as things such as 2 factor authentication will be implemented to make sure that your team is able to access your network safely and securely from anywhere.

A proper MSP, such as Delval Technology Solutions, who is security minded will also aid you in training your staff on proper security measures. This is not a one time thing, but a monthly process, as the methods of cyber attackers are ever changing. This gives you a vigilant front line who is ready to spot and report malicious activity before it can destroy your

network. It will also give you an indication of areas you need to focus on further to ensure that your team is able to handle any situation that may be thrown at them.

The job of a good MSSP isn’t just to make sure you are secure, it’s also to ensure that you are compliant to any regulations that may affect your industry. In the past two years alone, more privacy regulations have been passed than the preceding 100 years. Staying on top of these is a full time job in and of itself, but one that can cause pain to your customers,

employees and bottom line if they aren’t properly adhered to. A great partner will stay on top of these new regulations and not only keep you aware, but help you stay compliant.

Finally, a good partner will monitor your network in real time. After all, these are experts who know what to look at. Just as you would hire a mechanic to fix your fleet of trucks, a proper security team can spot red flags that you may have missed and implement real time solutions to stop hackers in their tracks, before they can take down your network.

Set it and forget it is a fantastic way to make delicious juicy chicken. However, by implementing a set it and forget it model to your cyber security does nothing but make you a delicious, juicy target to cyber-criminals and other malicious actors. Staying on top of security is a full time job. The best way to do so is partner with an MSP that handles your security in real time. Cyber criminals are always growing and evolving their methods of attack, so find a partner who is always growing and evolving their methods of defense.