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Cloud Managed Services

Collaboration and Secure Storage, Simplified

Let the Sun Shine on Your Cloud Infrastructure

Besides taxes, the cloud is one inevitability that all companies must face in the modern business world. The cloud is everywhere, and everything is connected to the cloud. But this lofty and sometimes confusing technology doesn’t have to feel like such a burden.

Master the cloud for the great technology it is and make your business more connected than ever before. The expert team at Delval Technology Solutions leverages cloud managed services for businesses like yours. We proudly own and operate all of our cloud infrastructure. This way, you can work assured your data is protected by someone who has your well-being in mind. We offer public, private and hybrid cloud options that are completely customizable to your specific needs.

  • Offsite Scalability
  • Data Hosting
  • Infrastructure Replication
  • Offsite Scalability
  • Data Hosting
  • Infrastructure Replication

Need someone to run specialized software that is resource intensive? We can set up cloud-based servers that can be accessed through a corporate VPN or remote desktop. Scroll and see the specific cloud services we offer. 

Our Professional Cloud Managed Services 

Public Cloud Managed Services

Public Cloud

Delval’s cloud services provide a higher level of reliability at less cost to you than creating your own data center. Plus, we’ll handle hardware updates and scale your cloud infrastructure as you grow with simple and speedy implementation.

Disaster Recovery
Hot Server Options
Offsite Data Protection
Available World-Wide Remote Access

Risk Management Services

Private/Hybrid Cloud

Our private cloud (aka hybrid cloud) runs off of the same reliable and redundant infrastructure as our public cloud services. But for those who require a higher level of protection, it uses a dedicated connection to your network.

Highly Secure

Cloud Managed Services

Recovery Cloud

Our recovery cloud services provide peace of mind knowing your data is backed up offsite automatically and is ready to be restored should the need arise. With offsite backup and optional hot servers ready at a moment’s notice, recovery cloud offers key benefits.

Data Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Server & Workstation Recovery
Offsite Data Protection
Flexible Configuration Options
Accessibility from Anywhere, Anytime

Data Backup and Recovery

Application Cloud Services

Let us host your applications in our geographically dispersed data centers. You can have world-class cloud hosting for a fraction of the cost of running your own data center.

Cost Effectiveness
High Availability
24/7 Remote Access

Our Other IT Services

Stay focused on what you do best and the team at Delval Technology Solutions will ensure your technology operates with excellence at every level. As a specialized managed IT services provider, we are here to deliver best-in-class technology services and solutions to support your business.

Explore our services and discover what Delval can do for you.

Our other IT support solutions include:

Delval Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services 

With network and server monitoring and IT helpdesk support you’ll receive comprehensive and uncompromised management of your data and networks so you can focus on your day-to-day.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Be confident that data backup and recovery, security awareness training and endpoint security services are keeping your business protected from internal and external threats when you partner with us.

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