“I got a guy”, we’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it. When it comes to services we need, from a mechanic to a painter to your business IT support, we all got a guy, or have a friend whose got a guy. However, let’s really explore that, because one person may be a point of contact or the main person, but rarely ever is the only part of the equation. Your mechanic has his team, your IT guy or gal should be no different.

If you were building a house, and one person showed up with no backup and said “Ready to work boss”, your immediate response would be “This is a big job, where is everyone else?” Managing your network and protecting your business’s data is a big job. Your network keeps you up and running, and your data is as valuable as anything else in your business. Proper management can turn your business into a stalwart, improper management can cripple you and your customers.


Think about it like this, you fell off your bike and are pretty sure you broke your arm. You show up at the hospital and they say to you “We only have one doctor on staff, his specialty is podiatry.” You would then go to another hospital that has a team of specialists on hand. That isn’t to say this single doctor is unqualified, he just doesn’t have the tools or backup needed to properly handle what you are dealing with. He’s just one man. Now think about your IT tech. They are just one person dealing with tens to hundreds of computers. They are a specialist in about one or two things, in a field that covers dozens of specialties. A co-managed IT solution allows you to keep your existing IT professional while empowering both them and your business by backing them up with a team of experts.


Your system security is essential to your business. Think of it as war. You have enemy combatants trying to break into your system every day, attempting data theft, trying to access your infrastructure, and use your business to their advantage. Hackers are a formidable foe, and you need to fight fire with fire. With a co-managed solution, like the one offered by DelVal technology, you get the best of both worlds as your defense team. Your in-house IT specialist will be able to lead an army of security specialists in to battle with cyber attackers to keep your data and infrastructure safe. Defending the castle is more than a one-man job, and it isn’t fair to you or your IT personnel to make it one.


A lot can happen to one person to put them out of commission. Illness happens, family emergencies happen, and people leave. If that person is your onsite technician, the consequences could be devastating to your business. The man-hours lost, the confusion, the maintenance, and the risk associated with not having someone at the helm of your system is more than your business can afford. With a co-managed system, you have back-up in case of catastrophe. Your co-managed partner can step in to ensure that your data and network don’t fall to the wayside, or worse, if your guy or gal goes MIA. If you need to hire a new IT professional, your Co-Managed Solutions Provider or CMSP can make the transition smooth and seamless.


Technology changes at the blink of an eye. When it comes to keeping up with the times, your company’s IT department has limitations. Learning new technology takes time to learn, which takes time away from that person, that single person, managing your network. New technology, more so than anything, is expensive. In that sense, think of a Co-Managed system as a timeshare. With a timeshare, you pay a small portion of the fees for the property but have access to it a few times a year. With co-managed IT, you gain access to your CMSP’s technology, pairing it with your own to give you a timeshare approach to your technology and saving you tens of thousands of dollars a year. Even better, you don’t only get it a couple of times a year like you do with a timeshare, but have the technology working for you when you need it! As your company grows, so will your technology needs. The potential issues you can run into are abundant, and the anxiety and frustration that come with these hurdles can divert your attention away from where it matters, your business. With a Co-Managed approach, you and your IT personnel get a partner that helps you through the growing pains and helps you realize your business’s potential without having to break the bank on new technology.


Think about your IT guy. Now think about how much it would cost you to have two, three or four of them depending on your needs. What if, however you can get the IT team you need without having to break the bank. With a Co-Managed Solutions Provider, like Delval Technology Solutions for example, you get a full team at your disposal for less than adding just one in house IT professional. You will reap the benefits of increased security, productivity, and growth potential at a fraction of the cost of adding a team of specialists to your payroll. Plus, think of the renewed vigor of your own IT person knowing they have coverage when they need it, and specialists to complement their specialty.You got a “guy” for your car repairs, a “guy” for your house repairs, but even they have a team behind them. You have a “guy” for your IT, you are loyal to them, you know them, you trust them. But what if one guy is not enough. That is where a Co-Managed Solutions Provider like Delval comes in. You get to keep your “guy” and give them the tools and backup needed to optimize your businesses technological potential. This helps you bring in more revenue and focus on satisfying your customers, at a fraction of the cost.